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Licensed Psychologist

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Pre-Marital Counseling

Invest in the longevity of your relationship by developing a healthy foundation from the start. Couples often wait to come to therapy until their problems have significantly deteriorated the quality of their relationship.

Think of premarital counseling like preventative medicine.

In premarital counseling, I help couples explore and set realistic expectations around topics such as finances, children, intimacy, dealing with conflict, shared vs. independent activities, beliefs and values, roles in marriage, and more. Couples have an opportunity to learn effective communication and conflict management skills, strengthening their ability to successfully navigate life's ups and downs as a team.

Pre-marital counseling may help couples with the following:

  • Create healthy communication styles
  • Clarify expectations and develop a shared vision for the future
  • Resolve old childhood or relationship wounds that may be impacting your current relationship
  • Develop effective tools for dealing with conflict and stress in a constructive (rather than destructive) way
  • Identify relationship strengths and how to maintain—and grow—the positive qualities in your relationship over time
  • Improve the intimacy, friendship, and respect within your relationship

I encourage you to reach out to discuss how we might be able to work together to help you achieve your goals — contact me today to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation.